This year I will be mostly... taking a photo every day, and posting it up here for you all to see and comment on if you feel inclined (please do). It's not an original idea, I stole it off a friend and many other people are doing the same as I speak, but I thought it seemed like a great idea to get used to my new toy, my Canon Eos 500D with Tamron 18-250mm Macro lens - my first digital SLR.

A lot of sites online talk about 'project 365' where people are encouraged to take a photo every day, but while their take on it is to create a personal history of the photographer, I wanted to make it a bit more abstract, more about the world around me. So this isn't meant to be a photo diary of my life, I am striving for each photo to be 'good' because of its artistic and technical merit, not because it's personal to me. Having said that personal subject matter will inevitably creep in as inspiration, but that's allowed, the book I'm reading claim that "every picture we take is merely a self-portrait of our inner psyche"!

I had a think of a couple of ideas for themes and settled on 'moods'. Then I was hit by indecision as to what to do if I take a photo I like and want to upload as my daily snap, but it doesn't fit the theme. So I have decided that the theme is just for inspiration rather than as a criteria, the photos can be of anything. That way I get the most flexibility of what to upload, and still have a muse.

While I'll be taking photos every day, I'll only upload them every few days, so keep checking back. I'm not anticipating the photos to be groundbreaking (at least not to start with!), the whole point is to improve so I won't be great initially. But I'll still try my best which will hopefully keep it interesting. Please feel free to add whatever comments you like (hopefully constructive!) as that will help me as much as the process of actually taking a photo a day, I will endeavour to reply to them all.

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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wednesday 5th January 2011

"Seeing stars!"

As usual I made it to bed around 1am last night, and since it was after mightnight I thought I'd take a couple of night shots from my bedroom experimenting with very slow shutter speeds. I sat my camera on a box on my windowsill and set it going for the maximum of 30 second, waiting with baited breathe, and got a lovely orange glow over the houses. Knowing I had a passable daily shot I left my camera at home today... then typically saw loads of cool things at lunchtime - raindrops, oil slicks etc. - but no matter, I can save those for future blank days. Back at home I noticed the sky was a little clearer and there were some stars showing, so before uploading the previous shots I was back at my window staring right at the Plough constellation! I put the camera on manual giving me access to bulb mode and sat there with my finger on the button for 1 1/4 minutes. And got this! (And a good thing too I took more too as last night's shots look a bit bland on the big screen). Oh I love my camera, I've wanted to be able to take photos of the stars for as long as I can remember! Expect more of these, including ones without the smudge on the screen - that's a reflection from the glass, I had to leave the window closed as it doesn't open wide enough. I needs to get me a tripod.

18mm, 75s, f/9.0, ISO 400 (auto)


  1. Nice photo. I was pretty amazed at how good the stars looked though my camera too. On Star Gazing, the bloke took a photo of the stars and was able to zoom in on the viewing screen to show galaxies and everything! I reckon clear skies, a steady tripod, 2 second timer with preview switched on (to stop shutter moving the camera) and we could get some awesome photos!

    Happy snapping!

    Jon D

  2. Is a 2 second timer all you used for yours? That's ace, I wouldn't have thought thay would be long enough, I used 75 seconds (on bulb mode)! I like that you got Orion, my favourite. I could only see one portion of sky out of my window but was lucky enough that it contained the Plough. I look forward to seeing your future star snaps. I haven't watched Stargazing yet but have a bit of time to catch it on iplayer tonight. I'm off to a local lake at lunchtime for today's photo, the clouds are clearing so I'm hoping to get some better light than we've had of late!

  3. That's a cool picture - I do like these sort of long exposure shots. 75 seconds is quite long and certainly beyond my compact. Oh well one of these days I'll have a job again and be able to afford a DSLR.